FIT Families Project

I started working for the FIT Families Project in November 2010 as a Counselor/ Community Health Worker. The program is a pilot study following a test project called the Chimney Project: Community Health Intervention for Managing Nutrition and Exercise in Youth (article).

This part of the program has been grant funded for three years by the National Institute for Health Heart, Lung, and Blood Division (NIH Press Release). The formal academic title for this program is:

Interventionist Procedures for Adherence to Weight Loss Recommendations in Black Adolescents, Sylvie Naar-King, Ph.D. and Kai-Lin Catherine Jen, Ph.D., Wayne State University, Detroit, Mich., sponsored by the NHLBI, co-funded by the NICHD.

This project will develop and refine a home and community-based intervention using findings from basic behavioral research on human motivation to improve adherence to weight loss strategies in African-American adolescents.

I worked with 20 families (9 at a time) during a six-month long intensive weight loss program with an adolescent and a caregiver in office- and home-based treatment for behavior modification, internal motivation, calorie intake, physical activity, relapse prevention, and interpersonal communication. Out of the 6 Counselors, I had the highest percentage of Teens that went into Relapse Prevention, which means they lost 3% of their body weight in the first 3 months.

Additionally, as a Senior Therapist, I presented workshops to my colleagues on developing SMART goals with Teens as well as strategies for positive communication between a Teen and Caregiver. I also developed training tools, such as a Functional Assessment Worksheet, to help Caregivers assess what the weekly barriers were to their Teens’ weight loss.

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