Map of the Week: America’s Forests

This is a clear image, courtesy of NASA, showing the extent of forests and trees left in the USA. Looking at Michigan is the saddest, formerly home to some of the greatest pine forests of the country before the logging industry moved in.

Deforestation in the United States is an ongoing environmental issue that attracts protests from environmentalists. Prior to the arrival of European-Americans about one half of the United States land area was forest, about 4,000,000 square kilometres (990,000,000 acres) in 1600, yet today it is only about 3,000,000 square kilometres (740,000,000 acres).[1] Nearly all of this deforestation took place prior to 1910, and the forest resources of the United States have remained relatively constant through the entire 20th century.[1]

(source: wikipedia)

HT @feltron NASA Creates Insanely High-Res Map of America’s Trees, And Offers A Lesson in Information Design


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