“Alex is an inspirational person! His passion to help others can be seen through his actions. He will continue to make a huge difference in our society.”
Shayla R. Price J.D., SCOUT BANANA Board Member | November 21, 2011

“The work that you did already is seriously top notch […] And I’ve used your graphic a bunch of times.”
Ed Weymouth, Founder Arborcycle | September 15, 2011

“They have officially launched the Peer Educator program. The youth completed resumes and applications for the role. […] But I do know that the program wouldn’t be at this step yet if  it weren’t for the education program and Testing day you put together!”
Rachel Frank, VVOCF Intern Coordinator | November 30, 2010

“Alex is a model of integrity. He is fun to work with and has a wonderful personality. Alex works efficiently by himself and with a team, and when working with high school students he has the ability to be a strong leader and also to role-model those skills. One of the best things about Alex is his relaxed attitude, and when working in chaotic situations he makes everyone feel calm and is able to prioritize tasks effectively.”
Sarah Westerman, Program Coordinator buildOn | August 19, 2010

“Alex goes above and beyond in times of need and will work without complaint to the meet regional need.”
Dianne Mishra, Michigan Program Supervisor, buildOn & Rosann Jager, Trek Manager, buildOn | September 26, 2010

“Alex is a meticulous, reliable and and flexible colleague. He is highly knowledgeable, a pleasure to work with and would be excellent addition to any team.”
– Aliza Bartfield, YP4 | April 13, 2010

“[…] He has accomplished much more as a person in his early 20s that most people have who are twice his age, particularly in the arena of international development advocacy and programming in Africa. […] He has been an inspiration to me and to other MSU faculty”
– Dr. John Metzler, MSU African Studies Center | March 10, 2010

“Alex worked well with the other volunteers to provide consistent care for children and youth. He helped outreach efforts by working with community health clinics to provide HIV-AIDS testing to over 60 of our youth members. Alex is personable, reliable and hard working.”
– Dr. Jeanne Gazel, Co-Director VVOCF | March 11, 2010

“Some lives are born to serve a wider vision and their altruism can provide a model for other to follow. Alex Hill has been focused on the world for most of his years. He has brought action to his idealism during his three years on campus and has accumulated an impressive list of internationally-focused accomplishments. […] Alex has engaged students across campus in raising awareness for international development issues.”
– Text from Homer Higbee Award for International Education, MSU | March 6, 2008

“I selected Alex as an honoree because he found an incredibly creative fundraising and awareness campaign to help save lives in a community in Uganda.”
– Ethan Zohn at Global Action Awards, Founder Grassroot Soccer | December 2, 2004