Last year I purchased the domain to continue my personal branding that is so emblematic of my generation. I chose to use .org instead of .com because I like to think that the majority of my efforts are focused on benefiting other rather than myself.


I was playing around with a year of free hosting from as well as Drupal, but decided that I didn’t want to spend the money to host the site year after year. I set the nameservers to and haven’t looked back. offers a reasonable, annual “domain mapping” fee to be able to use a custom domain with your free site. is limiting in some of its customizability, but it works for what I need. I had previously been blogging from

Vanity url:

I recently jumped on the bandwagon and am trying out a vanity url for shortening personal links for sharing. I settled for because Israel doesn’t allow top-level domains (can’t get:, not to mention I am not an Israeli citizen. Bahrain was too expensive ($199/yr) for a year of hosting as well (breaking the bank: I set-up my vanity url through a free account which I have connected to to regularly post new blogs, etc. So you know if you are clicking an link it will take you to or


It seems like everyone started using Tumblr prolifically this past year (2011). I have had a Tumblr account, but could not think of a use for it until I needed a better place to display my art and graphic design work. The simplicity of the Has A Portfolio theme fit with my overall personal branding. Tumblr also helps streamline visual sharing.