26th Year in Data


I choose to think of my life in years based on my date of birth. New Year’s Eve always gives me anxiety, but my birthday is a happy occasion. I decided to collect some data about myself from May 4, 2012 – May 4, 2013. Now my 27th year is almost finished and I’ve just gotten around to doing something with my 26th year data.

This was partly a challenge to myself since I was regularly asking teenagers to track their food intake and exercise to improve their health, but also I love data (#nerdout)! I was trying to think of impacts in a year. I chose to log my daily visits to cities (6+ hours = 1 visit), number of US states, social media interactions (@replies, comments, website hits), miles traveled (I was doing a lot of driving for work avg 100mi/day), and fruits consumed (my wife and I eat a wide variety of fruit and I love it).

What the data shows: first adventure into the American West, northern Michigan adventure with my wife (1st anniversary), I ate a lot of small berries, I drove so much (sorry Earth), daily life was dominated by Detroit, and I should probably be more physically active.