27th Year in Data


The major data from my 27th year (May 4th, 2013 – May 4th, 2014) was collected via the Moves App. It was an incredible app that utilized the iPhone’s existing hardware to auto-detect movement. It only sometimes thought I was driving a car instead of biking because I’m that fast on my bike (hah!).

Detroit and Ann Arbor remained my main cities. I visited fewer US States (-3), but more countries of the world (Taiwan & China). My walking increased significantly (+500%) and my biking also saw a boost (+120%). Driving stayed about the same, but flying to Asia tripled my air miles from the previous year.

I lost some of my wisdom (4 teeth) and spent the entire year without shaving off my beard. My wife and I had a number of big adventures from parasailing in Fort Lauderdale, attempting to surf in Kenting (Taiwan), to hiking the Great Wall of China.






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