Property Praxis

Property Praxis is a collective exercise illustrating the impact of speculation on cities. Speculators control nearly 20 percent of all land parcels in Detroit. Though their practices vary, speculation often changes the role and use of property in neighborhoods and communities. At its most extreme, speculation generates vacancy and abandonment. It is often a practice with minimal investment that hastening the deterioration of houses, commercial, and industrial buildings. Photo credit: Yuula Benivolski


2015 – Present


University of Michigan Dearborn, Urban and Regional Studies


2015 Office of Metropolitan Impact, University of Michigan Dearborn


2018 ONSITE: Gallery, Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD), Diagrams of Power 2016 Habitat III: Visualizing Cities (Ecuador, Quito)


Article WDET, May 2016 Article Michigan Radio, May 2016 Article CBC Windsor Morning, May 2016


Articles 2020 Health and Place, Toxic structures: Speculation and lead exposure in Detroit’s single-family rental market

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