what kind of a person are you?

This is a bit of creative writing I did a while ago. I just recently re-read it and felt very moved by my recent experiences and the re-reading of this piece. Enjoy.

People every so often stumble upon the truth, reality hits them much like a 18-wheeler hits a deer, but most, pretty much all, pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing at has happened, they choose to perceive reality as they want to instead of taking it at face value, they pick themselves up even with their skulls fractured by impact and their sides torn open by the 18-wheeler’s grill, they limp away for they have seen what many choose not to, and by accident, no one wants to see the truth, the reality of our world, no one wants to be hit by a 18-wheeler of truthiness, no one really wants to know –  for human kind cannot bear too much reality if any at all, we cannot take the beating and then get up and continue living in the present, it is only about how terrible it was in the past and how great the future will be, never about the here and now, never about the truth of the matter, or the reality of the time, but those are dangerous pieces in our great game of life, the past can be so dark and forgotten or so sharp and painful and clear, the future always so unknown and often frightening or exciting, both past and future slightly border on the mysterious, yet in the present it seems, in the game bent on profit and gain, which tend to be the myths of success, there is an entire new level of the game, a game of invisible people that always seem to be left out or skipped over, we, humanity only hear about those invisible in the past when it is too late and they are gone, or in the future when they will most likely be gone, but in the present is where they truthfully reside, broken and dying, starving and hungry, lost and forgotten, we who would be human kind would rather perceive it to be too late and in too far in the past to care or too far in the future to worry about and that is where our dilemma picks up again, those who venture into the forests off of the game board, meet the deer already hit by the realities of poverty, disease, hunger, and corruption, are torn apart from eye to heart by the 18-wheeler of knowledge and understanding – of truth and reality, how can one not be moved by such a 18-wheeler, such a forceful truck of emotion, a very good question to be posed and one where the answer lies within each individual, what kind of a person are you?

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