ambulances run in the family

Lights and sirens, high speeds down the expressway, ER doctor drama on top of insane accidents, not to mention Grey’s Anatomy – behind all the loud noises, dramatic depictions, and hit television shows there is a lot to learn before entering the world of emergency medicine.

On September 1st (the same day Nichole started her MPH classes!), I began an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course with Huron Valley Ambulance in Ann Arbor. I have longed to have more advanced medical knowledge and skills and this seemed like the perfect avenue. The story of my medical interests begins with my grandpa.

During World War II my grandpa, Myron Schlott, served as a Navy Medic serving in the Aleutian Islands, visiting Hawaii and Australia, and finally on a submarine. In the above picture he is standing on the right with his arms crossed. Behind him is the ambulance that he drove. My grandpa was an important figure in my childhood, Scouting, and in the development of who I am today.

My grandpa was also a strong supporter of my project to fund an ambulance for a rural health center in Uganda. From that project and my trip to Uganda I gained a serious understanding of the need for emergency transportation and medicine in Uganda and at home.

Since the 5th grade I’ve been first aid and CPR trained through the Red Cross and the Boy Scouts, which included: wilderness survival, back country first aid, and cold weather survival training. Last year I completed a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course with the Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA) and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I knew this was the right next step for me when my fiancee, Nichole, told me that I was getting excited about taking vital signs and blood pressures. Thankfully I have only had rewarding experiences with ambulances thus far and I can only see it continuing to be positive.

A desire to help others was instilled in me at an early age and I can only imagine that is why I have a strong desire to get more involved in medicine.

How many of you reading this are currently involved in or studying health care, medicine, etc.? What are you doing and where?

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