Detroit Homicide Map 2012: Liquor, Parks, & Homicide



411 homicides, 1130 active liquor licenses, 350 city parks

The goal of this map is to demonstrate the relationship between homicide, locations where alcohol is sold/ consumed, and community green spaces.

Research shows corner stores/ convenience stores don’t necessarily have a negative effect on violent crime. However in higher income neighborhoods corner stores are seen as a positive, while the opposite is true in lower income neighborhoods. I also began noticing that a number of homicides occurred at or near clubs and liquor stores.

A great deal of research has also been conducted on the benefit of turning vacant lots into parks or green spaces in order to reduce violent crime. The most important aspect of this, however, is that community parks are beneficial in reducing violent crime when they are maintained. Many city parks in Detroit are not able to be maintained.

I wonder if Greening of Detroit has…

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