The Epic Return to Fort Lauderdale

Eight Twelve Eleven


A handful of people have heard the story of our Fort Lauderdale layover adventure en route to Peru. Here it is in full:

En route to our honeymoon in Peru (the country, their tourism bureau has a hilarious promotion where they visit Peru, Nebraska and share cultural traditions – very entertaining, but I’m getting off track) we had a layover in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It’s Florida, they have beaches, it’s the summer, and we have roughly 5 hours or so to kill – why not head to the beach?

So that was our plan after we landed. We were very excited for Peru and also excited to get to the beach. We made our way down to the baggage claim area with the rest of the passengers. I thought that it made sense that transportation could be found there too. We walked all the way to the end of the…

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Hot Air Balloon First Anniversary

Eight Twelve Eleven


Nichole had the most amazing idea to go hot air ballooning for our First Anniversary. She found a place in northern Michigan near Traverse City where you float over the Traverse Bay in the early morning.

We made the long drive, but it was well rewarded by a perfect dinner at Amical in Traverse City. The most amazing seafood that we both thought had ever graced our stomachs. Nichole still wants to go back again. If you are in Traverse City, this is a place not to miss.

We camped out at Interlochen State Park along with numerous family reunions and pop-up trailers. We needed to purchase firewood before we reached the campsite and I was sure there would be some for sale along the way. We passed a few places, but never saw them in time to stop. Finally, we came upon an old white ranch style home with…

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“How’s Married Life?”



Eight Twelve Eleven

Yesterday, November 12th, marked our third month of married life – but it feels like we’ve been married for longer.

We’ve heard the “How’s married life” questions many times now and I can’t help but think that a one word answer of “great, amazing, or wonderful” just doesn’t suffice. Honestly, married life for us is very similar to the year before our wedding. We were living in Ann Arbor together, paying bills, figuring out each others’ habits, and enjoying finally living in the same city together.

Married life is less of a married thing and more of a good communication thing. Being married didn’t fix anything or alter how we treated each other, but rather it solidified the connections that we had already made with each other. It also officially and legally bonded us, but the most important piece is that we have learned to understand and cherish one another.

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