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Obviously Nichole and I love international travel. This is our latest international adventure.

Nichole had been very young the first time she visited Taiwan and I had never traveled anywhere in Asia, so we planned a trip, packed our bags, and prepared for a new experience. My wife’s uncle, Todd, studied Chinese in college and ended up completing a year abroad in Taiwan where he fell in love with his wife, Jackie. They have two awesome boys, Austin and Colin. We couldn’t have asked for better hosts and tour guides throughout our trip!

The flight to China I think is the longest that I have ever flown. We took the cost saving route and had an extra long layover (8 hours) in Houston. Nichole slept a lot (read: the entire flight) and I watched all the movies from the past year that I hadn’t seen. We finally landed in Beijing…

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happy holidays

Happy Holidays to everyone and their families! Enjoy this holiday season and be sure to spend time with family and friends and strangers. Sit back, relax, read a good book, and get involved – be sure to think of others during this season of giving. There are so many strangers to meet in the world who need essential gifts to survive. After relaxing get up and meet some strangers and make a difference in someone’s life. Happy holidays!