Personal Cartography in Detroit, 2012



Many cartographers like to take inventory of their personal cartography near the year end. I figured it would be a fun experiment to map my own personal journeys and travels of 2012 on top of my foursquare check-ins.

I had to reconstruct my travels from my Google Calendar and Foursquare check-ins after losing all my GPX data when my Garmin was stolen out of my car. I think this made the exercise that much more interesting and challenging.

Being a community health worker, I was driving all over the city and metro area every day. Data shows that I typically use I-96 and usually check-in at locations in Midtown. Sadly, my job doesn’t let me walk or bike very often. I am resolved to ride my bike more in Detroit during 2013.

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De Troit a la Mondrian



While looking at the 2010 census data on population density and the percentages of change between 2000 and 2010, I kept imagining the Detroit census tract grid in the style of Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian. He began painting his primary color grid works while studying in Paris.

Then I saw this Mondrian world map and went for my own version of Detroit’s percentage of population change.

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