Beijing and the Great Wall Adventure

Originally posted on Eight Twelve Eleven:
China! The mass of people that represents China was no more evident than when we arrived at the gates to the Forbidden City. We encountered many Chinese tourists while in Taiwan, but nothing prepared us for the masses that visit China’s capital city, including the short elderly women who…

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Map: Can Detroit Really Be Compared to Any Other City?

Originally posted on DETROITography:
Can Detroit really be compared to any other city? No doubt everyone has tried comparing crime rates, economy, and poverty levels in Detroit with other troubled cities. A few groups have even tried fitting different city land areas into Detroit’s 139 square (land) miles. It always seems that Detroit has too…


Taiwan Teddy Tourism

Originally posted on Eight Twelve Eleven:
Obviously Nichole and I love international travel. This is our latest international adventure. Nichole had been very young the first time she visited Taiwan and I had never traveled anywhere in Asia, so we planned a trip, packed our bags, and prepared for a new experience. My wife’s uncle,…

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