Map of the Week: New US States by Dollar Bills

From Fast Co.Exist Theoretical physicist Dirk Brockmann was doing research on human mobility in 2005, but struggled to find good data until a friend mentioned as a data source.  You can think of as a primitive FourSquare for $1 bills. “Georgers”–as users call themselves–“check in” their bills by entering the zip codes and serial numbers, then write … Continue reading


Homicide, Gun Violence, and Epidemiology in Detroit

More about the above map HERE The Detroit Police Department (DPD) has been making strides to improve their operations, including: cracking down on internal corruption, adopting data-driven crime tracking, and utilizing innovative approaches for crime prevention. When Chief James Craig was hired he brought back a data-driven model of policing that tracks where crimes happen, … Continue reading


Stop-and-Frisk Adds to History of Police Abuse in Detroit

Adopting a “Stop-and-Frisk” policy is not the answer for Detroit. Stop-and-Frisk is a policy where police stop an individual, question them, and then frisk them to see if they are carrying drugs or guns. Police departments in both London and New York City (NYC) have utilized Stop-and-Frisk policies in recent years and both have seen … Continue reading

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