Death, donations, and doing good

The ice bucket challenge was undoubtedly a media and fundraising success for the ALS Association. For many people this was an opportunity to “do good” and call out their friends on social media to do the same. Skepticism mounted as social media feeds were inundated with ice bucket participant videos. Plenty Consulting looked at the … Continue reading

water hydrant flow

Data, People, and Water: the need for people-centered innovation in Detroit

“Orr on Wednesday said more needs to be done to differentiate the legitimate residential accounts from those connected to blighted and abandoned properties, or occupied by squatters or used as drug houses — conduct that the city doesn’t want to facilitate.” – Detroit News Following the most comprehensive survey of Detroit property to date, Motor City … Continue reading


Map of the Week: New US States by Dollar Bills

From Fast Co.Exist Theoretical physicist Dirk Brockmann was doing research on human mobility in 2005, but struggled to find good data until a friend mentioned wheresgeorge.com as a data source.  You can think of WheresGeorge.com as a primitive FourSquare for $1 bills. “Georgers”–as users call themselves–“check in” their bills by entering the zip codes and serial numbers, then write … Continue reading

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