Taiwan Teddy Tourism

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Obviously Nichole and I love international travel. This is our latest international adventure. Nichole had been very young the first time she visited Taiwan and I had never traveled anywhere in Asia, so we planned a trip, packed our bags, and prepared for a new experience. My wife’s uncle,…

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Map: Detroit’s Second Great Fire

Originally posted on DETROITography:
Detroit’s “Great Fire” of 1805 is solidified in the history books as a defining moment for the city. With only the brick chimneys remaining, Detroit residents dug in and rebuilt their city. Justice Woodward drew up his inspired hub-and-spoke street plans (1806) to bring Detroit on par with cities like Paris…

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Is Detroit’s Data More Open?

Originally posted on DETROITography:
Almost half the “datasets” that the City of Detroit released are simplified duplicates of larger datasets or visualizations. In truth the city released about 46 datasets, about half of the “over 90″ datasets that were announced. Out of the 46 actual datasets released, only 28 are new datasets that couldn’t already…

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